DO Awards

You be the judge.

Too often, to "judge" implies to critique from afar, from above — from someone better.

But that shouldn’t be the way it works.

We fundamentally believe that true recognition comes from the whole community, so why shouldn't the industry assess your work?

So at the inaugural Design Outlook Awards 2024, everyone who enters, is a judge. The people who know what it takes do the work. People like you.

There’s no 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Just one clear-cut winner for every category. When you win, you win alone. Plain and simple.

And we’re here to celebreate design, not to fund the renovation of our superyachts. So each entry is a super-accessible $195.

It’s how an award show should be run. Prestigious, but not elitist. Celebratory, not exclusive. Now over to you...

The Design Outlook Awards. You be the judge.

How it works

The DO Awards is an awards experience unmatched in the market, where winners have been selected by a panel made up of their peers—all of them.

A photograph of Oliver Ree presenting at DO22 A photograph of three women attending DO22, two of them taking photos of the stage with their phones

You select an awards category that you feel confident you have a compelling entry for and submit the short entry form

To make sure you have the best chance of success, we'll review your entry before final submission

On April X, we will open voting for two weeks. You will be able to access all submissions, create a shortlist of your favourites, and then when you're ready submit your selection for each of our 15 categories

After voting closes we'll tally up all the votes and calculate the finalists for each category. We'll announce finalists and let you know if you're invited to the awards night!

On June 18, we'll host the first ever DO Awards ceremony at the fantastic Sofitel hotel in Melbourne. Finalists will be invited to attend the ceremony.

Who should enter?

We encourage a broad range of individuals, teams, and organisations to apply and be a part of the DO awards, whether they specialize in visual design, UX design, human-centered design, or any other design field, are welcome to enter. This includes both seasoned professionals and emerging talent.

Design educators or educational institutions that are making significant contributions to design education and nurturing future design leaders are encouraged to enter the awards.

Teams or collaborations that have demonstrated exceptional teamwork, innovation, and impactful design outcomes are eligible to submit their work.

To support and encourage emerging talent, individual students or early-career designers who are contributing to design can enter specific categories tailored to their level of expertise.

Large organisations and enterprises that have successfully implemented large-scale design strategies or digital transformations are eligible for relevant categories within the "Design at Scale" theme are strongly encouraged to apply.


Answers to all the questions you might have, and if you still have questions please reach out to us at [email protected]

Yes! You can enter as many times as you like.

No. You will only be able to vote once per category, including your own.

You can vote however you like (but we encourage you to really explore other entries in your category!)

Nope! Although you can vote for your own entries, because all entrants will be able to vote on entries in your category, your single vote is not material enough to tip the balance.

Although you can withdraw your entry, there are no refunds.

Due to the volume of submissions we'll receive, we are unable to offer extensions, and you will be unable to submit your entry.

The majority of our seats will be offered to finalists, with a limited number of seats generally available.