About DO

Broad, diverse, different

Design Outlook exists to celebrate, support and grow design in Australia. We take an optimistic outlook to our future and the impact design can make.

We predominantly achieve this through our annual DO festival, that reignites the design community across a week of open houses, meetups, masterclasses, conference talks, and more.

Why we're different

Design Outlook identifies as more than a festival. It aims to create an intentional part in maturing design in Australia.

We do this by sharing stories from industry, highlighting what it takes for design to thrive and for all of Australia to benefit from more inclusive, sustainable outcomes.

Our principles and promise

A photograph of Oliver Ree presenting at DO22 A photograph of three women attending DO22, two of them taking photos of the stage with their phones
Broad: We focus on broad design discussions across disciplines and take a wide perspective
Diverse: We are diverse across gender, race, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities, skills, experience, and equity
Different: We push the boundaries of what it means to exist as a design conference and always opt for the stranger of two choices

Our brand and philosophy

Design Outlook was created in response to three questions:
What is design in Australia?
What do we want it to be?
How can we drive it in that direction?
A photograph of two DO23 attendees celebrating

Responding to these questions, we’ve created a design festival to celebrate, support, and grow design in Australia with a focus on horizon 1 and beyond for design

We place significant emphasis on creating content that is immersive and deeply engaging for our audience, that is refreshingly optimistic. It provides solutions to problems and never admires them.

Finally, We lead the way by cultivating connections within the industry and designers throughout Australia and the world; and we always do it in person.


  • _ is invisible but impactful
  • _ is emotionally charged
  • _ is nothing without sustainability


  • _ a view or perspective
  • _ a place from which one observes
  • _ a frame of mind or attitude