Community Support

Supporting the design community

We mean it when we say that our mission is to celebrate, support, and grow the design community. Putting that into practice are several ways in which we support design community.

Event funding

We work with a selection of our supporting partners to fund meetups and events for the design community

Marketing support

We can promote your design community event to our audience and partner audience, helping to build your event profile

Free tickets or discounts

We can offer exclusive discounts and tickets for you to promote your event or reward your attendees

Books and merchandise

We are able to provide books from our cohort of presenters that you can use to promote your event

Access to our network

We’ve built a rich community of presenters, participants, and partners that we’re happy to help connect you to


There are a few bits and pieces you should know about our support and what we’d expect from you

We’re open to anyone and everyone asking for support, and especially welcome events that promote broad, diverse, and different topics

All we ask for in return is support for Design Outlook as we promote our events throughout the year

We’ve worked with some of our partners to extend their network to the design community and include you in their newsletters, social media, and any other way they can help. They do this for free.

In order for us to support you, you will need to demonstrate to us how you have considered:

Sustainability: including waste reduction, energy emissions, and supplier choices

Diversity: including gender, age, race, and industry

Accessibility and inclusion: including Auslan translators, venue accessibility, and the cost of access to your event

Don’t be scared by this. It’s easy and we can work with you on it.

After you submit your request for support we’ll be in touch to set up a meeting to find out more about you and your event.

We’ll then meet with our partners to discuss the support needed, and come back to you with a plan.

We will almost always say yes to support in some form or another.

Yes. There will be some conditions around what the funding is used for, which we will go into detail when we’re discussing it with you.

Request support

Simply fill in the form to the right and tell us about your meetup, event, or other design community activity. We’ll then get in touch to discuss how we can help.

We can also be reach at [email protected]

Support required

What kind of support would you like?