Over the years we’ve built incredible partnerships with some of the world's leading brands, and have delivered fantastic outcomes for our partners, and for us.

Our approach to partnerships is collaborative, transparent, and inclusive. We’re always open to partnerships that help us advance our vision.

Partnering with us

Design Outlook exists to celebrate, support, and grow the Australian design industry through our carefully crafted festival, co-curated by industry leaders, subject matter experts, and volunteers.

When you join our partnership cohort, you join a community of open discussion and shared ambition to create the best design conference in the region.

Our event's growth speaks volumes about its impact. In 2022, we attracted 1,200 participants across events, and in 2023, the number grew to 1,600.

Our conference day saw 380 participants in 2022, increasing to 540 in 2023. For 2024, we anticipate an even more significant turnout, with 2,000 participants across all activities and over 700 for conference day.

Attendees and
target audience

A photograph of a DO23 attendee smiling at the camera

Attracting the right audience is pivotal to our success, and everything we do is intentionally designed to engage our target audience effectively.

Our previous events have been applauded for their high quality and technical excellence, which naturally draws industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Our target audience comprises a diverse spectrum of designers, spanning UX Design, Service Design, Strategic Design, Visual Design, and Communications Design. What truly sets Design Outlook apart is its ability to draw attendees from over 100 companies across the country, many of which are mid-to-large enterprises.

Focus on
quality experiences

Design Outlook prides itself on being a meticulously researched and well-planned event that consistently delivers excellence.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our festival, from content to execution. Our event planning is founded on extensive research and careful planning.

Each year, we invest considerable time and effort in staying attuned to the evolving needs and trends within the design industry. We analyse attendee feedback, industry reports, and market insights to refine our program continually.

Marketing and

A photography of several DO23 attendees taking a selfie

Design Outlook takes marketing seriously, ensuring that our event reaches a wide and engaged audience. Our marketing activities include:

  • LinkedIn Advertising: We allocate significant budhet to digital advertising spend per conference and promote our event on LinkedIn to effectively target industry professionals.
  • Direct Email Marketing: We maintain a growing mailing list of attendees and supports, whom we regularly reach out to via direct email, providing them with updates and exclusive offers.
  • Leveraging Partner Network: Our extensive partner network has a total reach over 200,000 contacts on LinkedIn and through direct email, and our partners aid us in spreading the word about our events.
  • Presenter Engagement: Our presenters play an active role in promoting the conference. They regularly share updates and drive ticket sales using their unique promo codes.
  • Competitions: To engage our audience, we run free ticket and merchandise competitions, leveraging the attractive offerings from our partners and presenters.

In 2023, our efforts paid off, with early sell-outs and a substantial waitlist of around 75 people, underscoring the demand and anticipation for our event.

To have a conversation about partnering with us, get in touch via [email protected]