Accessibility and Inclusion

Accessibility, access, and inclusion are core to our beliefs

Design Outlook prioritises access (disability and economic), inclusion, and ethical considerations at every level of our event planning and execution.

Our event venues are chosen to be fully accessible, ensuring that attendees with disabilities can navigate and enjoy our events with ease. .

We take accessibility further by providing live Auslan interpreters at our conference day, open houses, and meetups. This ensures that our content is accessible to individuals who use Australian Sign Language.

We work with presenters to ensure that their content is accessible to everyone. This proactive approach ensures that no one is left behind, and inclusivity is at the forefront of our event.

We are committed to making design accessible to as many people as possible. To achieve this, our events from Monday to Wednesday are open and free for all, regardless of background or financial means.

Beyond environmental sustainability, we are dedicated to ethical practices. We are actively working towards becoming a certified B Corporation, a testament to our commitment to ethical business practices and social responsibility.

Our event also embraces ethical and cultural considerations, such as working closely with Indigenous organisations.

In summary, Design Outlook is deeply committed to disability access, inclusion, and ethical considerations. We not only ensure physical and digital accessibility but also strive to make design education accessible through free events. Sustainability and ethical practices are at the heart of our event, reflecting our dedication to a better future for all.