Sustainability commitment

Our sustainability commitment

We believe in the power of communities coming together in person to connect, share stories, and learn. Recognising the environmental impact of large conferences, we make the following commitments:


Achieve Carbon Neutral Certification for DO24

We are dedicated to obtaining Carbon Neutral Certification from Climate Active for our 2024 event. This commitment represents the beginning of a new standard for all our future events, ensuring that we are not just part of the conversation on sustainability but are actively leading by example.


Carbon Neutrality by 2025

Our ambitious goal is to become completely carbon neutral for our organisation and all events by 2025. This involves a comprehensive approach to reducing our ecological footprint, including meticulous planning, innovative design, and responsible resource management.


Continuous improvemenent to lead the way

We pledge to continually assess and improve our sustainability practices. This commitment to ongoing improvement means that everything we do presents an opportunity to learn, innovate, and apply new strategies to reduce our environmental impact further, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future for our industry.

Planning and preliminary review

Our initial stage involves a detailed assessment of the potential environmental impact. We establish best practices and set ambitious targets for reducing our event's carbon footprint.

  • Estimating the event's potential environmental impact accurately
  • Determining bespoke best practices for our unique event
  • Developing specific targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Embedding sustainability into the event's core planning process

Sustainable design and pre-production

In this phase, we focus on creating environmentally friendly event designs. Every aspect of our supply chain is scrutinised to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum sustainability.

  • Creating event designs with a low environmental impact
  • Thoroughly assessing the impact of supply chain elements
  • Refining our strategies to achieve minimal carbon emissions
  • Making sustainability a priority in all design decisions

Execution and post-event evaluation

Our plans come to life during the event, followed by a thorough post-event analysis. We aim for effective waste management, resource conservation, and detailed reporting on our sustainability achievements.

  • Implementing robust sustainability operations at the live event
  • Efficiently collating data, repurposing, and reclaiming assets
  • Ensuring responsible disposal and recycling of event waste
  • Conducting a comprehensive audit to assess and offset emissions