Themes and Brand - DO24

High Fidelity: exploring the best of craft across disciplines

Mathan Ratinam sits by the stage at DO22, smiling at the current presenter

DO24: High Fidelity is about celebrating design at its best, while acknowledging the beauty in its imperfections. We draw parallels with vinyl records – each with its own unique sound and character, much like designers and their work.

This year, we explore the essence of peak craft in digital design. We invite you to join us in understanding the balance between striving for perfection and valuing the learning process where mistakes are not just inevitable but invaluable.

Mathan Ratinam sits by the stage at DO22, smiling at the current presenter

DO24 Themes

Design’s Future: Shaping Tomorrow
  • Speculate on the evolving landscape of design and its potential to transform our world.
  • Engage with visions of the future, exploring what lies beyond current horizons.
Beyond Value: Prioritizing Performance and Innovation
  • Shift the conversation from proving value to delivering and celebrating excellence.
  • Explore strategies for embedding design deeper into business practices and decision-making.
Applied AI: Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency
  • Dive into how AI is reshaping design roles, augmenting creativity, and fostering innovation.
  • Expect explorations of AI's potential and its ethical implications in design.
Recalibrated Design Teams: Adapting and Excelling
  • Examine the resilience and adaptability required in today’s uncertain job markets.
  • Discover how leaner, more efficient teams are reshaping the design landscape.
Design at Scale: Expanding Quality without Compromise
  • Discover strategies for scaling design processes while maintaining the utmost quality.
  • Look forward to wisdom from industry pioneers on successfully growing design's impact.
Reshaping Workflows: Balancing Automation and the Human Touch
  • Investigate the integration of AI and automation in design workflows.
  • Learn about maintaining user-focused design in an automated world.