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Conference day program

A composite photo of people enjoying their time at DO24
Included with conference ticket

Join us for an unparalleled day of insight, innovation, and inspiration at DO24: High Fidelity. Featuring 32 leading voices in digital design, this conference day is your ticket to exploring the depths of design excellence. From transformative talks to engaging workshops, every moment is crafted to spark your creativity and expand your horizons. 

This year our conference day program has three pathways, providing you with a huge array of options to fill your day and leave inspired.

Duration:All day
A composite photo of people enjoying their time at DO24
Included with conference ticket


8:00 am
Registration & Morning mixer

Join Australia’s leading design organisations and teams for a morning tea and connect with other designers before we kick off the conference.

Learn more about their teams, find out more about their work culture and open roles and say hi to new friends. Tip: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated!

Ballroom Opening session

9:15 am

Welcome to Country
A Wurundjeri Elder will welcome us to Country Session details

9:30 am

Welcome Address
Our MCs will introduce the day, share their thoughts on what it means to deliver in high fidelity, from being perfectly imperfect, exploring performance and craft, and getting us ready for a huge day of presentations, workshops, and more. Session details

9:50 am

Opening Keynote
With the intersect of AI and human ingenuity, how might we inspire a new renaissance of creative expression, where design artifacts evolve as living entities? Session details
Avatar Dheeren Velu

Dheeren Velu

Avatar Finbar OHanlon

Finbar OHanlon

10:30 am

A New Australian Design
Started over 65,000 years ago, this New Australian Design will improve the wellbeing of people and create places that mean more to us. Because, we are all connected to Country. Session details
Avatar Alison Page

Alison Page

11:00 am
Morning tea

Enjoy a 30-minute break and morning tea

Ballroom Morning session

11:30 am

Augmented Individuality: How to design YOUR future
Can we coexist with AI? How do we thrive and infuse our soul into our creations and deliver transformative value? Session details
Avatar Michael Tam

Michael Tam

12:00 pm

Distrupting design: From Gen AI to Gen UI
How is generative AI reshaping design into a conversation-first, personalised journey? Are we crafting bespoke user experiences? Are we redefining design thinking? Session details
Avatar Stephen Foxworthy

Stephen Foxworthy
Time Under Tension

Avatar Tim O'Neill

Tim O'Neill
Time Under Tension

Latrobe Morning session

11:30 am

Designing for experiences that people don't want
How would empathetic, trauma-informed design enhance critical yet often-avoided user experiences, and how do we begin measuring success? Session details
Avatar Vivek Agarwal

Vivek Agarwal

11:50 am

How to save the planet without quitting your desk job
How might we, within our current roles, catalyse a shift towards a net-zero economy? Session details
Avatar Louise Krstic

Louise Krstic
Climateworks Centre

12:10 pm

Designing a perfectly imperfect life in a perfect world
Good design can help change brands but it can also help change lives. Your life. Discover how to blend psychology, magic and art to help disrupt behaviour patterns and re-imagine existence. Session details
Avatar Damian Madden

Damian Madden
Pernod Ricard Winemakers

Fitzroy Morning session

11:30 am

Miro Masterclass: Design and innovation
Join Miro for a masterclass on innovation Session details
Avatar Pete Bradd

Pete Bradd

12:30 pm

Grab some lunch and chat with friends. Or make it a working lunch and join one of three great lunchtime sessions.

Ballroom Working lunch

12:30 pm

Girls in Tech: Fireside chat
Join the inimitable Girls in Tech team for a fireside chat about design, tech, inclusion, and the multiplier effect of getting it all right. Session details
Avatar Renece Brewster

Renece Brewster
Girls in Tech Australia

Avatar Karen Katz

Karen Katz
Girls in Tech Australia

Latrobe Working lunch

12:30 pm

Juniors' Pecha Kucha
Susan Wolfe from Leapfrog will MC our newest program addition, where we give the opportunity for junior designers to share short sharp presentations that speak to their hearts. Session details
Avatar Susan Wolfe

Susan Wolfe
Leapfrog Studio

Fitzroy Working lunch

12:30 pm

Facilitated networking
Hosted by Aquent, join in on facilitated networking and meet other designers, leaders, doers, and make new friends. Session details
Avatar Rosie McAlister

Rosie McAlister

Ballroom Afternoon session

1:30 pm

Debate: Design needs a saviour
Does design need a white knight or are we prematurely worrying? Are we actually meeting the demands of our evolving industry? Session details
Avatar Trudi Boatwright

Trudi Boatwright
Independent Consultant

Avatar Sue Izmir

Sue Izmir
Climateworks Centre

Avatar Brad Alphonso

Brad Alphonso

Avatar Bridgette Engeler

Bridgette Engeler
Swinburne University of Technology

Avatar Christopher Costuna

Christopher Costuna

2:30 pm

A dialogue on mentorship innovation and human-centred design
How can mentorship and human-centered design collectively shape the future of UX, and how might we democratise design learning? Session details
Avatar Brendan Jarvis

Brendan Jarvis
The Space InBetween

Avatar Felix Lee

Felix Lee

Latrobe Afternoon session

1:30 pm

Carbon Zero: The only way out is through
So how does one get to Carbon Zero anyway? What can we, as designers, do to build the best tools to track progress and inspire action? Session details
Avatar Christian Llagas

Christian Llagas
Christian Llagas

1:50 pm

Are you there God? It's me a Millennial Design Manager
In a world rampant with burnout and disengagement, how do we redefine the future of design teams, what cost? Session details
Avatar Beverly Goh

Beverly Goh

Avatar Mabel Chin

Mabel Chin

2:20 pm

Are we stopping our smartest ideas from taking shape?
Group ideation doesn’t work for everyone. How might we do more to cater for a wider range of collaborative styles? Session details
Avatar Andrew Millar

Andrew Millar

2:40 pm

Make the leap: The models of thinking for thriving in the future of design
As generative AI transforms design, what mental models can we adopt to drive meaningful change and sustain our value in design's future? Session details
Avatar Rich Brophy

Rich Brophy

3:00 pm

Design for death and dying
Can design transcend its traditional boundaries to facilitate conversations about end-of-life, and how can co-design demystify death and enrich the human experience? Session details
Avatar Dr Chetan Shastri

Dr Chetan Shastri

3:20 pm

The right way to accessibility
Can embracing inclusivity in design become a gateway to untapped innovation, opening up new realms of creativity and functionality for everyone? Session details
Avatar Kelly Schulz

Kelly Schulz
Knowable Me

Fitzroy Afternoon session

1:30 pm

Masterclass: Low literacy - the biggest access need
Have you ever thought about the literacy skills a user needs to access your website and social media? Challenge your perceptions about the numbers of people with low literacy and low digital literacy and what it means for them. Session details
Avatar Cathy Basterfield

Cathy Basterfield
Access Easy English

3:40 pm
Afternoon tea

Enjoy a 30-minute break and afternoon tea

Ballroom Afternoon session

4:10 pm

Design and innovation
A guest presenter on behalf of Miro, John will explore crossfunctional collaboration, innovation, and outcomes. Session details
Avatar John Lazzara

John Lazzara

Avatar Pete Bradd

Pete Bradd

4:30 pm

Crafting impactful design in the language of business
How can designers integrate with business goals to drive measurable impact and become pivotal strategic partners? Session details
Avatar Larissa Azevedo

Larissa Azevedo

Latrobe Afternoon session

4:10 pm

The art and science of experimentation
How might we use observation and experimentation to expand creative boundaries and foster innovation in design practices? Session details
Avatar Samantha Mathews

Samantha Mathews
Sona Francis Samantha Mathews Studio

4:30 pm

Overcoming impostor syndrome in creative spaces
How can we transform the impostor syndrome struggle from a solitary battle into a collective journey towards? Session details
Avatar Rachel Zhang

Rachel Zhang

Fitzroy Afternoon session

4:10 pm

Adobe Masterclass: Workflows and Firefly
Join Adobe and the ANZ design team for a masterclass on Fireflyand workflows. Session details
Ballroom Closing session

5:00 pm

Peak Performance - The Power of Connection
As we strive for peak performance, how do we incorporate neuroscience to enhance strategic thinking and conceptual innovation in design? Session details
Avatar Troy King

Troy King
Outside the 3

Sponsor hall
17:30 pm

After a huge day, its time to unwind with new and old friends alike over drinks and canapes in our sponsor hall.