DO MBA: Design means business

It's the business school for design we've always needed

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This immersive two-day course equips established design leaders with essential business skills, followed by 6-weeks of diving deep into course content. You'll learn to analyse competitive landscapes, develop strategic plans, innovate business models, and measure design impact. 

Through practical activities and discussions, you will integrate business acumen with design expertise to drive value and impact in you role.

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How it works

Day 1: What you'll learn

The first day focuses on building a solid foundation in business fundamentals. Participants will delve into understanding the competitive landscape, strategic planning, and the basics of business models. By the end of the day, they will have a clearer picture of how business strategies are formulated and how to identify and analyse various business models.


Participants will understand the overall objectives of the course and how each module contributes to these objectives

Participants will get to know their peers, fostering an environment of collaboration and networking

Participants will set personal goals and expectations for the course, ensuring they are aligned with the course outcomes

Business mechanics

Participants will be able to analyse and map out the competitive landscape, identifying key players and market trends

Participants will understand the components of a value chain and how it contributes to creating value for customers

Participants will learn to gather and synthesise business insights to inform strategic decisions

Business strategy

Participants will understand the basic principles of strategic management and its importance in business success

Participants will be able to formulate competitive strategies using various frameworks such as Playing to Win and Blue Ocean Strategy

Participants will enhance their ability to make strategic decisions based on analysis and strategic thinking

Business models

Participants will understand the building blocks of business models and their significance

Participants will learn to design and test innovative business models that can disrupt markets

Participants will be able to evaluate and iterate on business models based on real-world testing and feedback

Day 2: Applying business concepts to design

The second day focuses on applying the business fundamentals learned on day one to the field of design. Participants will explore how to plan and prototype ventures, measure business and design metrics, and extend their influence within their organisations. By the end of the day, they will have practical strategies and tools to integrate business acumen with design leadership.

Prototyping with numbers

Participants will be able to estimate the market potential for new products or ventures using various market sizing techniques

Participants will learn to develop comprehensive business cases that justify new initiatives or investments

Participants will be able to calculate the financial and strategic impact of design decisions on the business

Business & design metrics

Participants will understand the most important business metrics and how to use them to track performance

Participants will learn to use the Design Metrics Canvas to create and track design-specific metrics

Participants will be able to apply hypothesis-driven design principles to measure and validate design decisions

Design your impact

Participants will understand how business decisions are made and how to influence those decisions effectively.

Participants will learn to measure and communicate the value of design decisions to business stakeholders

Participants will develop strategies to create and sustain relationships with key business leaders, enhancing their influence within the organisation

Reflect and project

Participants will reflect on their learning experiences and identify key takeaways from the course.

Participants will develop action plans to apply the concepts and skills learned in their roles.

Participants will provide feedback on the course, offering insights for future improvements

Unrivalled insight into business for designers

Influence and relationship building

Competitive analysis skills

Strategic frameworks for design

Business model innovation

Business case development

Market sizing and impact

Fees, dates, waitlist

The fee for this course is $2,950 incl. GST and is fully tax deductible. Payment will be made after you are successfully assigned to a cohort.

Our first cohort will run from October 17 to November 22.

Joining the waitlist is as simple as completing the following form, and we can't wait to hear from you!

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Answers to all the questions you might have, and if you still. have questions please reach out to us at [email protected]

A unique part of this course is the two-day immersion into the content, followed by 6 weeks of online, self-directed learning.

The two-day immersion will be hosted at QT Melbourne

Joining a waitlist enables us to be able to review each application and ensure that we build a cohort that is roughly similar in experience and level so that each attendee gets the most out of the course

We'll keep you on our waitlist and offer you a spot for the next appropriate cohort

We accept credit card, invoice, and split payments (i.e. pay-in-four)

It's totally ok to change your mind, and we get it. If you request a refund up to 30 days prior to the course we'll issue you a refund of 80% of the total course fee, i.e. $2,936. Refunds within 30 days of the course are not possible.

We think you could complete the weekly coursework in 4-5 hours, plus the 1-hour zoom call each week